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Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Flag Amendment Protest

So, how can a true freedom-loving American patriot protest the desecration of a symbol of freedom by means of limiting freedom in its name? I have seen several people declare that, although they have never burned the American flag, they will if this amendment passes. I absolutely refuse to do this. I do not endanger my life to protest freedom-restricting adult seat-belt laws, and I love America and the American flag too much too much to burn it just because some assholes tell me I can't. Hell, one of the many things I hate about this amendment is that I know it will just cause FAR more American flag burnings than it has any chance of preventing, and that disgusts me.

So here's my plan: If this evil amendment passes, I will, as publicly as possible, burn the Confederate battle flag. And I will repeat this on every July 4th until the amendment is annulled or I die. The Confederate battle flag is, by its very existence, the antithesis of the American flag, and yet this amendment would never have any chance of passing if the eleven states of the Confederacy had succeeded in seceding. It is the fascist impulses of those stupid enough to revere both the American flag and the flag of violent revolt against America to maintain slavery that is pushing this amendment. The Confederate battle flag ACTUALLY represents everything evil about the United States that some mistakenly think the American flag stands for. The only way bring America back to being the beacon of freedom in the world is to rid it of its Confederate impulse, and I will do that symbolically by burning their flag, which will thank god still be legal even if this amendment passes. Those bullies I grew up with may think they are succeeding in turning the American flag into the Confederate flag, but I plan to demonstrate to them that those who truly love what America stands for hate what the Confederacy stood for.

I told my wife this plan, and she said, "Why don't we start now?"

About time someone stood up for what is right!
Umm, about your plan: It wouldn't be my first choice, but I'll certainly hand you an "A" for thinking out of the box!
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