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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Liberals for Freedom

Elizabeth Anderson at Left2Right has recently written a bunch of posts attacking the (right-) libertarian moral case against taxation. I have not read enough of these to respond properly, but I have read her latest post, and it is truly fascinating. Having blasted away the case for a right-libertarian conception of freedom, her new task is build up a new case and plan for a free society. Most of her post discusses Hayek's ideas about the need for distributed power and decision making, the informational functions of markets, the advantages of a procedural conception of justice, and, most surprisingly, his admiration for and agreements with Rawl's Theory of Justice. It is compelling and she promises that it is just a beginning and further posts are forthcoming. She sets herself up to make the case that procedural constraints on both the floor and ceiling of wealth are not only consistent with but necessary for a conception of justice that emphasizes individual freedom without concern for individual outcomes. I am of course a HUGE fan of income floors through such mechanisms as a NIT or a BIG, but I am extremely skeptical of ceilings on either incomes or wealth. However, as impressed as I am about this post, I will be interested to see if she can overcome my skepticism.

Also, Part 2 is here.

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