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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ginivan promises further response

Matt Ginivan has taken note of my reply to his commentary. Predictably, he responds to my taunting him about his Ivy-League education rather than any substance, although he promises more to come.

My real take on Ginivan's motives and mistakes: Ginivan is a passionate young idealist with a dangerous amount of knowledge in political economy. (Ref: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.") Some political economy text assigned in one of his classes presented the (entirely reasonable) price-setting and wage-setting fomulas he used in his response to me. Then in the middle of some discussion, in a certain context, the text stated that "x", which refered to the manufacturer's mark-up percentage based on their market power, the text stated that x is a constant. Matt misinterprets this to mean that x is a constant in all circumstances. Then he read my article, which offended his right-libertarian ideals. Energized by his idealism and misunderstandings, he does some calcuations which seem to prove that my plan will not help wages rise His blindness to his ideology makes him miss that he is begging the question and the absurdity of claiming that a manufacturer can continue to charge the same markup percentage in the face of rising costs. Being someone who is smart enough to get into an Ivy-League school, he is good at writing convincing-sounding B.S. - especially when he believes it. So he does, and it sounds good enough for The Free Liberal to post it.

My prediction for his response: His best stategy, I think is to track down whatever text states that x is a constant, then cite that statement out of context, noting the eminence of the author. He can also accuse me of being jealous of his education, or maybe of harboring egalitarian hatred of meritocratic institutions. I will probably just ignor such charges or make fun of them, but I am somewhat perplexed about what I would do about a citation. I am not sure I have the resources necessary to track down his source to view the context. But I am sure I will think of something. Capozzi's comments lead to conceessions on my part because he was being thoughtful and reasonable. Ginivan, whether he knows it or not, is just spouting bullshit, and I have never had any trouble exposing bullshit.


It's nice to see that there are Left Libertarians out there :) I wrote a response to your article as well, which I found via Scratchings. I'd love it if you would take a look.
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