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Friday, April 15, 2005

Libertarians for Socialized Medicine

The Democratic Freedom blog has a post arguing that libertarians in the Democratic Party might consider compromising on socialized medicine.

We left-libertarians who believe in the right to a basic income will almost all agree that health insurance is an item that can be provided as part of the in-kind basic income. If EVERYBODY needs it, and the government can provide it cheaper than the market with at least the same effectiveness - as can be shown by comparisons with the many countries that have socialized health insurance, why not?

The first comment there, by Kevin Carson, is also excellent: Essentially we do not have a free market now, we have a crony corporate socialism system. Generally, it is best if the government does not screw around with markets. Either the government should just provide the service itself in an extra-market fashion, or it should just give the people the money to buy the stuff on the market theirselves.

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