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Thursday, January 08, 2004

The stodgy Conservatives of the 18th Century

Terence Jeffrey at Townhall takes up the romantic cause of the civilized, gentlemanly. landed aristocracy who are besieged by the rowdy, uncouth bourgeois corporate capitalists.

The death tax is a one-way ticket for private property. It drives it away from individuals and families and into the hands of big government and large, publicly traded companies. By opposing repeal of the death tax, Dean puts the interests of big business over family business.

I could slam Jeffrey here for once again bring up the (lie?) urban legend about the estate tax causing family businesses to go under, but why bother? If conservatives want us to believe that a growing market requires dynamic creative distruction and that we should therefor not be concerned with the plight of hard-working people losing their jobs to overseas countries with (no minimum wage?) (no unions?) more effecient production methods, why should I give a damn about pampered rich kids who can not run a business effeciently enough to pay a mortgage on it? I am a capitalist, but I respect those who EARN their money. Mr. Jeffrey respects birthright entitlements.

Oh, and it's not a "death tax". It's a "robbing the corpse" tax.

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