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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Bowling for Columbine

Finally saw Bowling for Columbine. A lot more fair than I expected. I agree there are many flaws, but the questions I have for its critics, especially the libertarian ones, are:
1. How can anyone claim that he blamed U.S. military agression (as he sees it) for random gun violence? He brings this idea up mainly in the context of responding to claims that Columbine was caused by video games, lack of prayer in schools, or Marilyn Manson, and then he goes on to suggest bowling as a cause. He also repeatedly points out all of the organized bloodshed caused by Britian and Germany which as failed to lead to our level of random gun violence. I thought his point was that all of these explainations fail.
2. Isn't his whole Canadian sequence a better portrayal of responsible gun enthusiasum than anything the NRA has ever produced?
3. How can you complain about a South Park history of America?

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