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Wednesday, December 17, 2003


This treatise will chart a complete political philosophy from the theoretical foundations through the mechanics of legislation necessary for implementation. Part I will cover the basis of political philosophy, describing the reality of the social contract and deducing the requirements that the terms of the contract should fulfil independent of morality. Part II will explain and defend the political position of left-libertarianism, a moderate form of which produces terms that meet the requirements of a rational social contract as described in Part I. Part III will explain the mechanics for several different versions of a social resources rent (SRR) tax. The various versions of the SRR tax will be shown to efficiently implement several different political positions, including both “strict” left-libertarianism and the more moderate version that meets the requirements of a rational social contract. A society built on the blueprint presented in this treatise will not automatically be utopia, but it will be a society capable of achieving utopia.

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