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Tuesday, March 25, 2003


Stuart Levine writes:
"As the leading blogger reporting on Tax Court opinions, you would seem to be in the best position to let the Tax Court know that their web site is dreadfully deficient with respect to highlighting recent opinions.

By way of example, on the Tax Court's site, there are only two links that one can click, "Today's Opinions" and "Historical Opinions." Since "Today's Opinions" are only posted after 3:30 Eastern Time and disappear the very next day (in the morning!), the use of the link is extremely limited.

Take a look at the Fourth Circuit's site: They have separate links to "Today's Opinions" "This Week's Opinions" and "Last Week's Opinions" as well as a link to historical opinions. The Tax Court should adopt that approach."

Stuart- I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, I think it is great that the opinions are offered on the web this way on the day of issue, and I do not want to discourage this kind of openness by complaining that it could be better. This access allows me to apply myself to become the biggest (okay, only) fish in this puddle.

On the other hand, um, you're right. Since I rarely am able to post comments on a case the same day (despite the cases being released 12:30pm my time), I usually have to go into "Historical Opinions" and enter search criteria just to find a case released a day or two ago. Plus, the links for "Today's Opinions" are even worse than you describe. For some reason, they do not put the PDF files in one directory when the case is released, and then just move the link to Historical Opinions. Instead, they have a "Today's" folder that the case is first put into, then they move it to an "Historical" folder the next morning. This is why, when I am able to post about an opinion the day of release, I do not link to PDF file. When I have done that, the link becomes broken the next morning, and I have to update it. Instead, I just post my comments, and then update with the link the next day.

Thanks for the letter, Stuart.

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