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Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Rancho Residential Services Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee, Sushine Residential Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee, and Residential Management Services Trust, Robert Hogue, Trustee are clones of Home Health Services Trust, blogged below, and were heard in consolidation with it. The issues and evidence are almost exactly alike, which hurt the credibility of all of them. Residential Management is the case to read, and provides transcript testimony wherein Mr. Hogue claims that trustees have absolute authority to alter trusts as they wish, and using this power, he altered the trust document to include the provision he relies on to claim that the proper person appointed him the trustee. I invite theoretical physicists and science fiction fans reading this to tell me the name of the time-travel paradox Mr. Hogue is invoking.

I still have no clue what the IRS thinks Mr. Hogue wasup to.

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