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Saturday, March 22, 2003


James Gill and Katie Gill wanted the IRS estopped from collecting on an erroneous refund. The Gills filed their taxes correctly and sent in a check for the amount they owed. The IRS incorrectly recomputed an item on the return and sent a refund. The Gills called the 800 and explained the situation to a Taxpayer Service Representative who agreed the refund was incorrect and told them to return it uncashed, which they did. A couple of months later, they got another refund with a new letter referencing the same item and giving them the name of a person to call. That person insisted the Gills were incorrect. The Gills eventually caved and cashed the check. A year later, the IRS decided the Gills had originally been correct, and demanded the money back. By that time, the Gills� financial situation had worsened, and repayment would be painful.

Held: Ha, ha! You believed the IRS! Don�t you know we can�t overturn legislation just because government agents berate you with lies about the law?

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