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Saturday, March 29, 2003


I have been contemplating the Michael Moore/ Rush Limbaugh mirror image analogy and I think it's basically correct, but let me suggest an important difference: While both are faux populists, claiming to speak for the common majority while really serving the elites, Rush is faux populist for the masses, while Moore is a faux populist for the elites.

Rush is really popular with the masses, or at least the masses of white, working class men, and does his duty for the business elites he serves by convincing his listeners that it is somehow to their advantage to vote for tax cuts for the rich and unrestrained power for multinational corporations. Meanwhile, the actual rich people and business leaders whose interests he actually serves know that he is a court jester and don't listen to him.

Moore's audience is the cultural elites themselves, and he serves them by reinforcing their delusions that they understand the concerns of ordinary people. He tells them what they want to hear, but does so while looking and talking like someone who listens to Rush. Meanwhile, the actual masses that Moore claims he speaks for either do not know who the hell he is, or know him only as someone Rush criticizes as a prime example of the dominate liberal media.

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