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Thursday, February 06, 2003


Matt Welch asked:
Thought Experiment, for Those of You Who Opposed Gulf War I: Did any of you, in retrospect, come to believe that you were wrong? Leave a comment below, explain as necessary, and feel free not to use your names in this case.

I responded:
I was against the last one (went to demonstrations, etc.), b/c GBI never convinced me as to why he was doing it. The reasons kept changing. "We need to protect the Suadis" But they're dictators. "Well, um, we need to protect the Kuwatis." But they are also dictators. "Well, um, we need to secure the oil resources." War for oil?!? "NO! I mean, um, Sadam's a bad guy." So are the monarchs we're protecting. "Well, um, we have to enforce international law." Actually that last one would have convinced me if it had been the sole message. But by that time I just didn't believe him.

In retrospect, I still think the war we fought was a mistake. The result has been the sanctions, snuggling up to the Saudis, the energizing of Al Quaeda, constant bombing, and now this crisis.

Had their been a U.N. Security Council resolution that stated simply that Sadam broke international law and would be removed from power as punishment and example, followed by a U.S. lead invasion to do just that, *THAT* probably would have been a just and successful war. But the one we actually did fight? No.

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