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Tuesday, February 11, 2003


In response to this column by Matt Welch, I posted the following comment on his site:

Great column, Matt. I have another analogy for you, one that avoids the power imbalance problem of the rope-a-dope: Good Cop/Bad Cop. Officer Powell nicely says he just wants to talk to you about the situation, and offers you some coffee. Officer Rumsfeild bursts in, knocks the coffee out of you hand, starts waving his gun around vaguely, and says he wants to rid the world of scum like you. Officer Powell admonishes Rumsfield to calm down, we're going to do this by the book, and then turns around and offers you a paper and pen to write down your confession.

The problem with my analogy (that yours doesn't share) is that Good Cop/Bad Cop is played with the criminal. Bush isn't playing these games with Sadam. He's playing them with Europe and the Democrats. Sadam is toast. The questions now are how and what comes after him.

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