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Friday, January 17, 2003


Matt Welch posted to his blog about the fight in the California Republican party over the Civil War. I responded:

Has anybody noticed that the South *DID* win the civil war? Sure, it took twenty or thirty years after the fighting ended, but the results are undeniable. Consider the flack over the Confederate flag in South Carolina and Georgia. Forget racism, since when does the LOSING side get fly its flag over the capital?

The last three Democratic presidents and the current Republican President have all been from the South. Democratic members of congress like Zell Miller are to the right of northeastern Republicans. Is there any doubt that we would have national health care but for the Congressional and Electorial College votes of the South? Southerners claim to be for state's rights, but would the Feds be stopping us from allowing medical pot but for the South's Congressional and Electorial College votes? Or Death with Dignity in Oregon? Would a U.S. freed from the South have passed a national DOMA?

I am glad the South lost the fighting in order to end slavery, but if they want to leave now, I say the rest of the country should help them pack. And if white Republicans don't like it here in California, then they can just all go back where they came from.

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