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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Jeffrey M. Young presented the Tax Court with a number of tax-protester arguments for avoiding and delaying collection of his taxes. The Tax Court dismissed his arguments and assessed a $500.00 penalty. The only thing that bothered me about the case was the way the Tax Court dismissed his protester arguments that there is no statute that requires him to pay taxes. The Tax Court stated, "...we percieve no reason, nor are we required, to address such contentions." Why not? Surely the Tax Court is right that these are frivolous contentions, but how hard would it be to have a quote from another case at hand to paste into a decision whenever some nutcase makes one these arguments that explains why he (they are always hes) is wrong? For the government to refuse to bother to explain why it is right only feeds the lunatic's belief that he is right. It also just seems profoundly unfair, even to a lunatic. Most of these types of lunitics probably have personality disorders, and refusing to give explainations could been as discrimination against the mentally disabled in violation of the Rehabilitation Act.

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