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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


I just posted the following reply in response to this post from Matthew Yglesias:

I believe that both the relativists and the dogmatists get too carried away over the supposed implications of something being "real" or not. McDonald´┐Żs, the State of Virginia, and the Catholic Church are all social constructs. They are also very "real" and it would be very foolish to relativistically deny or ignore their existence.
However, the dogmatists want to believe that if something is "real", we just have to accept its existence as The Way Things Are. Also not true. Piedmont Airlines, the Soviet Union, and the cult of Dionysus were all very real, and have now all ceased to exist because people decided to cease accepting their existence.
I believe race is very real and very important in people's lives, and that it is foolish to deny its impact. I also believe that the impact is primarily negative and the concept should be abolished. These are not contradictory.

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