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Sunday, December 29, 2002


Random thoughts

1. The atomic unit of society is the individual, by which I mean what is commonly referred to as a natural person. The individual is a sentient, decision-making actor.

2. Physical objects other than human individuals exist, but they are not sentient, do not make decisions, and are not actors. (Artificially Intelligent machines do not exit as of the time of this writing. Non-human animals are a specific problem. They will be ignored as actors for the purposes of this blueprint, but I may refer to them later as examples. Or I may not.)

3. Groups of individuals exist in reality only as specific numbers of individuals in specific geographic locations of space-time. Groups of individuals exist as decision-making actors only as quasi-fictive constructs. Groups exist only to the extent that that individuals accept the fact of their existence to be true. Groups exist because people believe them to exist.

4. The acceptance of the existence of a group can be voluntary or coercive.

5. Individuals often interact systemically. These systems of interactions are groups if believed to be so.

6. Systems of interactions can be categorized according to whether they are recognized to be a group, and if so, whether this recognition is obtained voluntarily or coercively. They can further be divided based on whether the system of interactions is overt or covert.

7. The Chart of Groups
Overt Covert Recognized? Enforcement?
0. Citizen Subversive Not Applicable Not Applicable
(Subject) (Atomic Individual) (Exists Independent of Belief)
1. Network Contacts No None
2. Association Conspiracy Yes None
3. Partnership Gang Yes On members only. Partnerships are enforced by governments, Gangs are self- enforced.
4. Institution R.I.C.O. Yes On all of society, by level 5 Groups.
5. Government Cartel Yes Self-enforced on all of society.

8. Institutions can be conceptually placed in a public-private matrix depending on whether they are controlled publicly or privately and whether they exist of public or private benefit.

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